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Gallerie Interiorem series


While the symmetrical mimicking of  Rorschach ink blots is intentional, this work is far more complex and painstakingly more detailed. It is this intricate detail that begs deeper inspection. At first glance the imagery of winged creatures or exotic faces beckon a closer look. Upon inspection however, landscapes morph and tiny beings are pulled from obscurity and into the finished piece for all to see.....and individually interpret as they will. But it doesn’t end there.....

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What is Innerwyze


Innerwyze is the vehicle I use for sharing my journey of awakening.  In taking up my own unconventional "road less traveled" I have found that the spiritual relationship between creative energy and the introspective journey offers an organic return to  innate, intuitive wisdom.  My experiences in  this are offered through talks, art exhibits, creative meditation workshops and two blogs encouraging others to embrace their own unique path.

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About My Blogs


There are currently two Innerwyze blogs. One,  offers auto-biographical stories culled from notebooks and journals I have kept over decades of introspective work. My hope is that this transparency encourages others to dive deep into their own well of introspection and engage the riches that await.  The second blog, shares more of the nuts and bolts behind the creative introspection process and my ever increasing vagabond nature along a literal road less traveled. 

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The informative nature of creative energy...

Creative Introspection

In my experience, visual imagery dances upon our psyche and touches our soul in mysterious ways.  It has the potential to break us open and heal us at the same time. One night, decades ago, my creative energy aimed itself spontaneously, like a portal into my own awakening.  Only in hindsight was I able to grasp the powerful shift it had initiated in me. It is this shift that has served an awakening so profound words can not do it justice.

Navigating the relationship among creativity, spirituality and self-realization for many years has led to countless encounters with the informative nature of creative energy, and my own multi-dimensional awareness. The introspective nature of pulling from within that which hides in the shadows of our psyche, has compelled me and influenced my work for decades. In fact it is the outward expression of this passion that my latest series,  Gallerie Interiorem conveys. But my awareness of  the informative nature of creative energy began much earlier. 

I have come to experience the truth that as individuals we simply do not share one level of conscious awareness. Nor do we share the same passion for exploring our reality to expand that awareness.  This is the phenomenon that the  Gallerie Interiorum series profoundly exemplifies. In each painting some see an initial image and move on. Others linger over that same image and find hidden layers of imagery while still others weave intricate, introspective stories from various aspects within the artwork.  What a metaphor for the world!  What a metaphor for the times we live in! 

I know not all are called to an introspective life.  I also know not all are called to creativity the way I am.  But for those called to both, I share my use of creative energy beyond the making of 'things'.  When aimed in the direction of insight, creative energy can serve to open a powerful portal of revelatory experience and individual inner wisdom.  It doesn't matter what the creative interests are. Any time one enters a creative space with the desire to understand the larger questions of life, their experiences will begin to fill with the answers they seek.  This is what I have come to call Creative Introspection.  I share my experiences with it for the past thirty years and where it continues to lead.

12x16 oil on canvas, My Own Road Less Traveled
12x16 oil on canvas, My Own Road Less Traveled