The Art of Creative Introspection

We are creative energy incarnate!  When aiming this aspect of ourselves in the direction of insight our self-understanding & individual  awakening naturally occurs.... and we become Innerwyze! 

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Introverted - Intuitive - Introspective - Intrigued

Gallerie Interiorem series


While the symmetrical mimicking of  Rorschach ink blots is intentional, it is the intricate detail that begs deeper inspection. At first glance the imagery of winged creatures or exotic faces beckon a closer look. Upon inspection however, landscapes morph and tiny beings are pulled from obscurity and into the finished piece for all to see.....and individually interpret as they will. But it doesn’t end there.....

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What is Innerwyze


Innerwyze is the vehicle I use for sharing  a creative path toward inner wisdom and  quantum awareness.  In taking up my own "road less traveled" I have found that he relationship between creative energy and the introspective journey offers an organic return to  innate wisdom.  My experiences in  this are offered through talks, art exhibits, a workshop and two blogs. 

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About My Blogs


There are currently two Innerwyze blogs. One, hosted on blogspot, offers auto-biographical stories culled from notebooks and journals I have kept over the years. My hope is that this transparency encourages others to dive deep into their own well of introspection and the riches that await.  The second blog, hosted here, shares more of the nuts and bolts behind my Creative Introspection process.

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