The Wisdom Within

creativity informs

Creative energy is a power, a subtle informative potential waiting to be tapped.

Intuition expands

When creative energy is aimed in the direction of insight, intuition expands and revelatory experience awakens.

Introspection reveals

We are creative energy incarnate!   Exploring this is at the heart of creative introspection and the Innerwyze Experience.

Storey Harmon

what is Innerwyze


The spiritual relationship between creative energy and the introspective journey offers an organic return to  innate, intuitive wisdom.  In this way we encounter and engage the mystic within ourselves. My personal experiences in  this are offered through talks, art exhibits, workshops and a blog encouraging others to embrace their own unique path using the tools of creativity, imagination and introspection.  The Innerwyze Experience is the vehicle through which I offer this work.  

The Innerwyze experience


We are multi-dimensional awareness. The Innerwyze Experience introduces us to this in a unique, approachable way. Unlike knowledge, the energy within an 'a-ha!' moment literally shifts one's ability to respond to the awareness they have accessed.   This is the result of working directly with spirit rather than the mind alone. The Innerwyze Experience assists such revelation and transforms knowledge!  

Creative Introspection is the foundation of The Innerwyze Experience and the Innerwyze cards are introspective tools which assist the process.

Innerwyze Blog


My Innerwyze blog offers several auto-biographical stories culled from thirty years of notebooks and journals that I have kept through decades of introspective work. It also, shares the nuts and bolts behind my own creative introspection process. Add to this my ever increasing vagabond nature where I share insights I find along a literal road less traveled as I share The Innerwyze Experience with others.

Exploring the informative nature of creative energy...

THE ART OF Creative Introspection

In my experience, visual imagery dances upon our psyche and touches our soul in mysterious ways.  It has the potential to break us open and heal us at the same time. One night, decades ago, my creative energy aimed itself spontaneously, like a portal into my own awakening.  Only in hindsight was I able to grasp the powerful shift it had initiated in me. It is this shift that has served an awakening so profound words can not do it justice. (read about that experience here).

I have navigated the relationship among creativity, spirituality and self-realization for decades. This has led to countless encounters with the informative nature of creative energy, and my own multi-dimensional awareness. The introspective nature of pulling from within that which hides in the shadows of our psyche, has compelled me and influenced my work for decades. It is the outward expression of this passion that ignited  Innerwyze  itself, so that others might aim creative energy in the direction of deep personal insight and revelation.

12x16 oil on canvas, My Own Road Less Traveled

12x16 oil on canvas, My Own Road Less Traveled