About Innerwyze




Talks and Art Exhibits

Innerwyze is the vehicle I use to share the Creative Introspection process I practice. I do this by offering talks and workshops along with exhibits of my artwork to galleries, organizations and guilds for the purpose of speaking to the role creative energy can play in the expansion of inner wisdom and personal insight.  

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Creative Meditation Workshops

As people, we are creativity incarnate. Therefore, using creative energy for meditation is quite natural. It's also highly beneficial, not to mention fun! Creativity as a path to inner stillness is, in my opinion, so much easier for most Westerners and therefore more beneficial than struggling with traditional systems of sitting meditation. I personally developed a meditation practice linked to the Creative Introspection process that I have practiced for decades. Sharing it with others is some of the most rewarding work I do.  Primarily offered for those that are not already engaged in a creative practice, this offers an avenue into the realm of quantum awareness and personal transformation through the timeless nature of creative energy.

This workshop also helps those with their own creative endeavors apply the Creative Introspection principals to their particular craft.

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