Creative Introspection

Embracing the self as creative energy incarnate


Creative Introspection is the use of creative energy for accessing personal insight at the quantum level of awareness. It doesn't matter what your creative passion is because  Creative Introspection is all about focusing creative energy itself, not the by-product of that energy.  It doesn't matter if you paint, sew, sculpt, dance, write or garden, any avenue into the timeless aspect that creative energy offers feeds this introspective process.  

Creative Introspection is not art therapy.  It's not about interpreting drawings or paintings for clues from your unconscious mind. Creative Introspection is not concerned with your unconscious mind because the answers that come from that place are rooted in perception, conditioning and duality. Creative Introspection  bypasses this because it taps into wholeness.  It accesses the quantum field of awareness rather than our individual field of limited perception.  Here duality falls away, division is non-existent and true realization on the energetic level replaces deduction.  

Plain and simple Creative Introspection is about using creative energy to make room for the dawning of  quantum awareness.  This is a mystical, individual and deeply personal experience.  It is expansive in ways one must experience to fully comprehend.  Quantum awareness/mysticism has its foundation in truth, which is whole and very different than fact finding or the weighing of evidence.  

Truth is not what we have been led to believe it is.  Real truth, unlike perception, has no division or separation in it.   Practicing Creative Introspection is not for the faint of heart. It is not for those that are determined to hold onto their old ideas and 'lessons learned'.  Creative Introspection invites and engages the quantum field of all that is. It is not concerned in the least with all that is not! One  experience of quantum awareness will forever change the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. This is no small thing.  This is personal transmutation, which is defined as the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form.


Through talks and workshops that accompany my art exhibits I primarily serve as a witness for the Creative Introspection and transmutation process itself; The Innerwyze Experience.  This work was not taught to me in a traditional sense.  It simply revealed itself to me over several decades as I committed myself to the larger questions of life.  As I became willing to look deeply into my own personal conditioning and beliefs I explored many traditions and modalities. Some resulted in counseling licenses and certifications in energy work, dream analysis and the like, however none of these held the essence of what I was in search of.  

I was looking 'out there' for the answers I sought. However, the revelations I needed were hidden deep beneath the countless answers we find 'out there' in the traditions, modalities, philosophies and conditioning we are raised with.  Only when I came to undo the bulk of everything I had ever learned or believed did I make room for the dawning of quantum awareness.  This kind of awareness lives in the present moment and arises as it is needed.  It is not found in education, religion, science, metaphysics or any other discipline.  I hope that simply sharing the concept of Creative Introspection contributes to the transmutation of these disciplines for those truly desiring to live from their soul essence. Navigating life  from this level of awareness is profound.  It truly demonstrates the "peace that passeth all understanding"...because we are no longer standing under any external authority or teaching. We are instead plugged into our inner wisdom and grounded in our wholeness. 


During a trip to Creede, Colorado I spent an afternoon creating stacks of rocks in the river behind our cabin.  This was a wonderful experience and very engaging.  As I walked away I knew the river would eventually tumble the stones and return them to the ground where they belonged.  The same can be said for the years I stacked diplomas, licenses, certifications and philosophies.  Only when they tumbled to the ground would I be returned to the river of life where realization and personal experience thrive.  Below is a list of just some of these that I have engaged.  Fun to have stacked up, but much more useful as merely background tools.

Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (ret)

Exploring Perception & Personality through MBTI - Cadwalder Behavioral Center

Jungian Dream Interpretation Certification- Jung Center Houston, Tx

Reiki Master/Teacher Usui Tradition

Padmacahaya Reiki Tummo

The Reconnection - Dr. Eric Pearl

Akashic Records Certified Practitioner-

Linda Howe/Center for Akashic Records

The stone tower I stacked in the river behind our cabin while visiting Creede, Colorado in 2012.

The stone tower I stacked in the river behind our cabin while visiting Creede, Colorado in 2012.

The healing nature of Creative Introspection

Creative intervention

This is an excerpt from one of the many stories I have posted on the Innerwyze blog with regard to my journey.  I include it on this page because it was a pivotal and transformational point in my understanding of  the healing nature of creative energy.

In the early days of my new marriage I continued my introspective work, dredging up those issues I felt were limiting my life. It was hard work and it estranged me from my extended family as I delved into childhood issues that threatened those unwilling to explore the past through a functional lens. This was taking an emotional toll on me as I came to terms with the family dynamics that had contributed to my feelings of abandonment and shame. My spiritual mantra of ‘Lead me into all truth.’ was painted across every aspect of my life and it served me well even though it disconnected me for a time from those I loved.  

One night I awoke in the wee hours of the morning. Pitch darkness surrounded the beautiful old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere that my new husband, now shared with us [my children and I]. Having leased the place sometime before meeting Phil, he often teased that he married me for the farm. We loved the place and its quiet, peaceful surroundings. As I slipped from bed, making my way through the darkness like a blind woman who knew every nook and cranny of the room, it felt as though something beyond me was moving me along. I knew I wasn’t wide awake but it seemed like I was being led as I experienced myself from two points of view; subject and observer.  

I entered the new art studio which was just off the bedroom, and began to set up one of the new, larger canvas’ for painting. Still in this strange, unfamiliar state of being, I watched myself fill a pallet with oils paints and marveled at the colors being chosen. One part of me was curiously watching what another part of me was doing, but the two aspects were only slightly connected. I had never experienced anything quite like this before and it intrigued my curious nature so I trusted it. I was not being ‘taken over’, I was experiencing an expanded state of awareness and being.  

Hours flew like minutes as a painting filled the large canvas I had placed on the easel. Only the morning sun streaming through the studio window alerted me to how much time had passed. As the sunlight and the awareness of time shifted me, I was suddenly wide awake, fully integrated and absolutely astounded at what had happened. Unable to take my eyes off the painting, I backed toward a small sofa in the room as huge waves of deep emotion rippled through me. I simultaneously laughed and cried from the depth of my being at the realization that I was being healed. A flood of energy was moving through me as I stared at the painting which had also come through me. In every way the painting was symbolic of the journey I had taken through life. As I stared at it, it functioned as a sort of archetypal life review. It spoke to me from an energetic level validating every emotion and every wound I had ever suffered. It brought forgiveness to everything I ever held against myself and it freed me in ways impossible to explain. This energetic exchange went on for about a half an hour as everyone else slept. It left me refreshed and reborn somehow. Renewed, I felt a freedom I had never experienced in my thirty-five years of life. What was this that had transpired in the dark stillness of the night, I wondered. What spiritual connection was there between creative energy and self-realization? 

My head was swimming as Phil emerged from the bedroom.  I could hardly contain myself as I shared with him what had happened to me. We made coffee and talked for hours as we sat before the painting in my studio. He had no more answers than I, but he could see the change. It was obvious, and he could feel it. My pursuit of an art career was shifted that day. Now I was propelled to understand the connection between creativity and spirituality as it applies to self-realization. My life’s work in psycho-spiritual healing had now merged with my lifelong creative impulses and I began to see everything I had ever created in a new light. Songs that had simply come through me, volumes of poetry that had written themselves and gotten me through some of the most difficult times of my life were suddenly understood in light of this energetic experience.  

Using creative energy to spiritually understand ourselves and heal was now my focus. Over time I was guided to the realization that creativity can serve as a healing conduit because we are creative energy incarnate! Therefore, when we direct our focus to the larger questions in life, (Who am I, Where did I come from, and what am I doing here?), opening a creative avenue is like opening a portal through which our answers can flow to us…from us...from  our higher self! From this day forward my art and my awakening were inextricably tied. The answers that flow through the end of my paintbrush and pen have profoundly moved, inspired and awakened me. While I have won awards and had opportunities to pursue a traditional career in the arts, those arenas never captured my passion. Spiritual awakening and enlightenment was always at the forefront for me. That it merged into my unwavering creative indulgences has been a gift beyond measure. But that is what life gives you when you give yourself to life rather than the distractions of life; gifts beyond measure.

  • Note: Some refer to creative experiences like these as channeling. I myself once accepted that term for lack of understanding what was really happening. Today I realize that I was simply tapping into a frequency of my own infinite being which allowed for higher exchanges of information to come through. There is quite a difference between giving oneself over to ‘another’, as one who channels does, and aligning with one’s own higher aspect. The first sets up and continues the idea of separation and dependence. The later is freeing and revelatory as it connects oneself to their infinite nature. I have experienced again and again how creative energy serves as a wonderful conduit for connecting to one’s higher-self.  When I tie this to my personal quest for ongoing enlightenment, it never fails me.

link to the Innerwyze blog

link to the Innerwyze blog


A Disclaimer of sorts...

Not everyone shares the same passion for expanding conscious awareness.  We each do life very differently and that's ok! In fact, it's the way we are designed to work!  I know not all are called to an introspective life.  I also know not all are called to creativity the way I am.  But for those called to both, I share my use of creative energy beyond the making of 'things'.  When aimed in the direction of insight, creative energy can serve to open a powerful portal of revelatory experience and individual inner wisdom.  It doesn't matter what the creative interests are. Anytime one enters a creative space with the desire to understand the larger questions of life, their everyday experiences will begin to fill with the answers they seek.  This is what I have come to call Creative Introspection.  I share my experiences with it over the past thirty years,  where it continues to lead me, and ways it can make any  journey more meaningful.