We are creativity incarnate! Therefore using creative energy for meditation is quite natural!

Creative Meditation


An active path to inner stillness

 Creativity as a path to inner stillness is, in my opinion, so much easier for most Westerners and therefore more beneficial than struggling with traditional systems of sitting meditation. I personally developed a meditation practice linked to the Creative Introspection process that I have practiced for decades. Sharing it with others is some of the most rewarding work I do. My Creative Meditation practice revolves around two of my favorite contemplative activities; hand stitched altered cloth and focused brushwork.


Needle and brush

Hand Stitched Altered Cloth: This is primarily for those that love the simple process of a needle pulling thread.  Random, free-form stitching requires dropping any attachment to how the piece turns out. It is about losing oneself in the act of a needle pulling thread. This differs only slightly from the slow stitch movement that has become quite popular. The primary difference is that this work is is done on altered cloth that is created by the stitcher themselves.  This foundational aspect is vital to the process on a psycho-spiritual level. 


Painting: The simplicity of black media on white paper. Ink or black watercolor is used to render stacked stones, bits of nature, draped fabric, abstracts and simple, everyday objects. Keeping the work minimal and focused opens the informative nature of creative energy. With regular practice our intuition increases as does the expansion of our awareness. We become deeply connected to ourselves in a way that nurtures and heals us on many levels.  Before long we find more and more synchronicity filling our lives and ordering our experiences.

Workshops are offered in my Schulenburg, Texas studio. I am also available to teach Creative Meditation for area organizations or guilds that wish to host them.