The Innerwyze Cards


Available this fall

Unlike knowledge the energy within an a-ha moment literally shifts one's ability to respond to the awareness they have accessed.   This is the difference between working directly with spirit rather than the mind alone. The Innerwyze Cards activate intuitive awareness, support revelatory experience and prepare one for working with cognitive dissonance as they awaken to new information.


Activate revelation

The Innerwyze set consists of 60 cards; a 30 card horizontal deck and a 30 card vertical deck to be used together or separately. The imagery itself activates the multi-dimensional nature of our awareness.  The way the cards are designed to work taps into our everyday awareness, our imagination and our non-ordinary intuitive awareness.  Linking these states of awareness assists in a revelatory experience utilizing our own multi-dimensional nature. 

 Because the imagery is non-ordinary and multi-dimensional it activates the magician within our psyche. Our intuition alerts us that there is more than meets the eye and  then we can see what only moments before was completely hidden.  Simply using the cards in this way activates, exercises and strengthens our intuitive senses.  This enables an awakening in our personal lives to layers of the reality we live in and offers powerful healing properties of integration and transmutation.

While I use them with my clients, they will also be made available in the fall of 2020 and can be purchased directly from this website.


How They Work

The Innerwyze Cards were designed to activate multi-dimensional awareness.  Simply sifting through them slowly, taking in the shape-shifting imagery awakens and expands the naturally intuitive aspects of our senses.  

As introspective and transmutation tools each card is entirely dependent upon the viewer for meaning in relation to the information they are seeking.  In this way no one card ever holds the same meaning twice.  Neither does it provide the same revelation.  In fact the beauty behind these multi-dimensional images is that a number of people can look into the same card and see very different things.  This is because each card is designed to be an image-mirror which reflects the individual peering into it. Coupling this with the intention for which the cards are engaged offers powerful insight, personal revelation and deep healing.

Innerwyze Cards


Using the cards

The Innerwyze cards can be used in a variety of ways.  Here's just a few: 

  • As an introspective tool  to engage or enhance ones own intuition.
  • As a tool for practitioners to use with their clients to support their intuitive awareness, integration of insight and healing,  
  • As image stories awaiting the teller for parents or teachers to use with their kids/students in support and enhancement of their creative imagination. 
  • As an interactive tool for recognizing and teaching perceptual differences.

From artwork to artful work.

Additional Information

My experience with the informative nature of creative energy began decades ago. As a result I became acutely acquainted with the many levels of conscious awareness.  Awareness works kinda like a muscle. The more you exercise it the stronger it gets. The more I challenged my beliefs, the more my consciousness expanded and the more attuned I became to subtleties that I realized most were oblivious to.  The more I nurtured this attunement,  the more my awareness heightened and my individual intuition grew.  My work became one of utilizing the raw material of life itself to create a mystical work of art of my own life.   This is truly what it means to become a mystic. I discovered how beliefs themselves stymie the expansion of consciousness.  Breaking beliefs as they arose became an ever unfolding journey as did the relationship I cultivated between my everyday self and the mystic within.  As a result my artwork began to evolve in an unusual direction.  Eventually it expanded to aid others in the exploration and development of their own mystical path.  While I had no idea this was the direction it was moving, eventually my Gallerie Interiorem series of paintings morphed into the Innerwyze Cards.  How this type of transition occurs and how to utilize the informative nature of creative energy is at the core of everything I now share.