Susan 'Storey' Harmon

Susan "Storey" Harmon

about Storey

I'm quite sure I was born with a full set of art supplies that somehow got misplaced upon delivery.  The creative urge has been with me for as long as I can remember.  Naturally introspective, the quest for meaning, purpose and resolving the larger questions of life were equally as strong.  The merging of these two passions is as natural to me as could be.  In my late twenties I discovered a thread woven into the very fabric of life. As I tugged at it, my own life and the world as it had been presented to me came undone. while simultaneously knitting itself seamlessly back together, revealing that we are each the mystery we came to solve.  

As introverted as I was introspective, when I embraced my personal responsibility to awaken to the truth of my individual soul, my soul extended itself to me in unimaginable clarity. Creativity became the vehicle through which my intuition heightened and my awareness expanded.  I aligned these with my quest for truth, and my life became a metaphorical reflection of the distance between who I'd been taught I was and who I truly am. I believe this revelation awaits any who desire it and are willing to step into an introspective adventure where the traveler and the journey are one. I share the way I use  creative energy to do just this. Sharing the artwork, experiences and inner wisdom that evolve along my own 'road less traveled' as well as the tools I have used and created for others to use is the reason for this little project I call Innerwyze.  Not so others will follow my path,  but to encourage the search for their own  and for diving deep into their own well of introspective inner wisdom.  

Proving any media or interest supports this introspective work, below are a few galleries sharing some of the diverse media I have worked with. Here is an excerpt sharing my profound introduction to what I have come to call  Creative Introspection.


About Innerwyze

Innerwyze is a container for sharing my relationship with introversion, introspection and creative energy. I have artfully wrapped all this in a concept I have come to call Creative Introspection.  Insight has been my greatest teacher and has predominately shown up in my life through the creative process.  Because of this I wanted a place to share my work and the powerful role creative energy can play when aimed in the direction of insight.  

As a retired counselor, reiki master energy worker and an artist who has deliberately focused my attention on the road less traveled, I have reaped tremendous rewards in spiritual riches and synchronistic occurrences. It took me a while to understand why there wasn't a clamoring crowd on this endless introspective journey. But there is indeed a reason this is a 'road less traveled'.  Fortunately I embraced my introversion and creativity for myself despite a society big on extroverted social interaction, endless productivity and recognition. This resulted in profound revelatory experiences that forever changed my relationship to myself and the world as I experience it.  Sharing my journey and the creative maps I used along the way is simply the next bend in my own road less traveled. I primarily do this through my blog,  art exhibits and The Innerwyze Experience.  Below is a list of some of my licenses and certifications. 

LCDC - Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (ret)

Exploring Perception & Personality through MBTI - Cadwalder Behavioral Center

Jungian Dream Interpretation Certification- Jung Center Houston, Tx

Reiki Master/Teacher Usui Tradition

Padmacahaya Reiki Tummo

The Reconnection - Dr. Eric Pearl

Akashic Records Certified Practitioner-Linda Howe/Center for Akashic Records


Artwork Slideshows



Black & White Paintings: I have always loved black and white compositions.  For that reason I sometimes use a very limited pallet in a variety of media including oils, watercolor, textiles & ink. Below is a sampling of my work in each.

Textile Art: Coming from a long line of seamstresses I suppose my DNA  is imbued with the simple love of a needle pulling thread.  I love creating figurative  works as well as abstract quilts and reiki infused accessories in a variety of textiles.

Sculpture: For several years I created an annual sculpture series based on the imagery of birds, in a blend of various clays.

Awards, Publications & Shows

Additional Information


  • Spirit in the Smokies magazine - featured on five covers.
  • Cover art for book and CD, Dancing With the Universe, James King.
  • Lark Books publications featured my artwork in two publications entitled, Pretty Little Mini Quilts.
  • Artwork, including cover art and an interview about my creative process is featured in the fourth issue of Indie Arts DVD Magazine.
  • Three of my artquilts from the 'I Remember Mama' exhibit are featured in the book by the same title.
  • Artwork entitled 'Mermaid' was featured in Quilting Arts magazine.
  • A group quilt that I initiated and created with the Austin art-quilt group is featured in this third volume from the series Lone Stars; A Legacy of Texas Quilts.

Invitational Art Shows  

  • 2006/07 Quattro Gallery Invitational Quiltart Show
  • 2007/08 Quattro Gallery Invitational Textile Show
  • 2006 KAAC Texas Invitational Show
  • Underground Art Market- Houston Invitational 2008-2011
  • Public Space Exhibit: 2013 University of Houston Women's Resource Center; The Bee Holder - artquilt 
  • Mem-Fix The Edge District pop-up gallery 2014 - jurried exhibit.

Paint media shows/awards  ​1997 National Society of ArtistsInner man 3rd place The Magus 5th Place  1998 National Society of Artists   Tapestry  In Laura's Garden 4th place  Kitchen Counter 5th place  silver brush award  1998 International Society of Artists  Blue Silk Kimono finalist  Bay Area Arts Show  Melancholia Honorable Mention  Textile:Art-quilt shows/awards  2004 AAQG Costume Change 3rd place 2004 AAQG Bogie and Bacall Honorable Mention 2004 IQA-Houston Warhol Finalist 2004 IQA-Houston The Beatles Finalist 2004 I Remember Mama Exhibit Patriotic Star Finalist/published 2004 I Remember Mama Exhibit Ida;Bio-Imagery Finalist/published 2005 IQA-Houston Lunacy Finalist 2005 I Remember Mama Exhibit My Sleeping Beauty Finalist/published 2005 IQA-Houston (group quilt*) Leaves 2nd place 2005 IQA- Houston (group quilt*) 2012 IQA- Houston (group quilt*) Cosmic curves 2013 IQA-Houston (group quilt*) Balancing Act- IQA Finalist ​ * group quilts were created with: Nikki Vick, Frances Holliday, Kathy York, Leslie Jennisen, Connie Hudson, Sherry McCauley, and Barb Forrester.