Susan 'Storey' Harmon

Susan "Storey" Harmon

Susan 'Storey' Harmon

I discovered a thread woven into the very fabric of life. As I tugged at it, my life and the world as it had been presented to me came undone while knitting itself back together, revealing that we are each the mystery we came to solve.  As a naturally  introverted and introspective person, when I embraced my personal responsibility to awaken to the truth of my individual soul, my soul extended itself to me in unimaginable clarity. My intuitive abilities naturally heightened as I aligned them with my quest for truth, and my life became a metaphorical reflection of the distance between who I thought I was and who I truly am. I believe this revelation awaits any who desire it and are willing to step into an introspective adventure where the traveler and the journey are one. Sharing the artwork, experiences and inner wisdom that evolved along my own 'road less traveled' along with the tools I have used is the reason for this little project I call Innerwyze.


Innerwyze is a container for sharing my relationship with introversion, introspection and creative energy. I have wrapped all this in a concept I have come to call Creative Introspection.  Insight has been my greatest teacher and has predominately shown up in my life through the creative process.  Because of this I wanted a place to share my work and hopefully encourage others to explore introspection through creativity in order to find the answers they seek.

As a retired counselor, reiki master energy worker and an artist who has deliberately focused my attention on the road less traveled, I have reaped tremendous rewards in spiritual riches and synchronistic occurrences. It took me a while to understand why there wasn't a clamoring crowd on this endless introspective journey. But there is indeed a reason this is called 'the road less traveled'. Fortunately I embraced my introversion and creativity for myself despite a society big on extroverted social interaction, endless productivity and recognition. 

the Gallerie Interiorem series

Navigating the relationship among creativity, spirituality and self-realization for many years has led to spontaneous encounters with the informative nature of creative energy, and my own multi-dimensional awareness. The introspective nature of pulling from within that which hides in the shadows of our psyche, has compelled me and influenced my work for decades. It is the outward expression of this passion that the Gallerie Interiorem series conveys. 

As individuals we simply do not share one level of conscious awareness. Nor do we share the same passion for the exploring the depths of our reality to expand our awareness.  The Gallerie Interiorum artwork series perfectly exemplifies this phenomenon. Some see the initial image and move on. Others linger over this image and find hidden layers of imagery while still others weave intricate introspective stories from all aspects within the artwork.  

Visual imagery dances upon our psyche and touches our soul in mysterious ways.  It has the potential to break us open and heal us at the same time. This artwork came spontaneously like a portal into my own awakening.  Only in hindsight have I been able to grasp the shift this work initiated in me.  Perhaps the same energy can similarly serve others.