The Innerwyze Experience


A revelatory experience between psyche and spirit (head & heart) is the soul of the Innerwyze Experience. Whether working alone, with clients or students, the expansion of intuitive awareness and an energetic revelatory experience lies in the potential of this dynamic.  To embrace the fullness of ones being is the Innerwyze Experience.

The Innerwyze Experience

Information and revelation have little in common.  While they can extend the same 'data' they do not carry the same energetic signature during that extension.  Fact finding, learning or gathering information does not result in the energetic shift that accompanies a revelatory experience.  A palpable 'a-ha' experience reveals something to the recipient.  A veil of sorts is lifted within that persons field of awareness and they are quite literally more than they were before the revelation experience.  The Innerwyze Experience is designed to facilitate revelation.

About the cards...

Available in the summer of 2020, here is a link to more about the Innerwyze cards.