Shared studios...

Wild Hare Studios and Rabbit Hole Arts is the live/work studio I share with my husband, Michael Harmon. A bit about our studio work is shared below but check out the Wild Hare Studios website to see a lot more.

Michael K. Harmon


Mike's carvings

In the 40 years since my first carving, I have taken classes with some of the best woodcarvers the US has to offer. I've won my share of blue ribbons at shows from Denver to Indiana, Chicago to Texas and taught classes on various subjects like hands, faces, St. Nick, Native Americans and even nudes.  I've also been featured in a fair number of newspaper and magazine articles. A lot of woodcarvers inevitably specialize or have preferences that lean towards one thing or another. Variety still intrigues me. Most of my work is done with mallet and chisels, or smaller hand tools. Occasionally the need arises for power carving or wood burning. I continue to try different things to stretch my techniques and skills.  In the end though, it's all about the journey. Taking that piece of wood, imagining what lies beneath the surface, sharpening the tools and then removing everything that isn’t in that image, that's what keep me carving.

Love Spoons


Orders can be placed for Mike's one-of-a-kind hand carved Lovespoons.  You can choose from those currently available or request certain elements or designs be incorporated into custom ordered pieces.  Spoons range from $65.00 - $105.00 depending on size and detail.  Email Mike for more information at


S. Storey Harmon


Storey's Reiki Arts

More than twenty-five years ago, I was relieved of a condition that resulted in years of suffering with chronic pain and limited mobility. After having tried everything I knew, and finding no relief it was suggested I try Reiki. I had no idea what it was nor had I ever heard of “energy work”. So stunned by the immediate healing I received I began to study everything I could find with regard to energy healing. As a traditional counselor, specialized in the area of addiction recovery, I knew the huge role that spirituality played in that process. Now I was coming to understand the aspect of spiritual energy in a whole new light and much broader way.

Beyond religion, belief systems and programs we each embody and are in fact enlivened by an energetic presence residing in and extending beyond our physical form. This is our spiritual essence. When this energy is out of balance or compromised, injury and illness can occur. Returning it to balance results in healing and well being. It really is this simple. Simple, but not always easy. 

Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance requires mindfulness; introspection and contemplation. This is why my Reiki practice includes creating and infusing everyday items with this healing energy. In the tradition of “chop wood, carry water”, I want the recipients of my handcrafted items inspired to bring mindfulness into the trances of everyday life that we so easily get caught in. Asking in quiet mindfulness to know where one is out of balance or for the healing desired or simply embracing the moments within the ordinary as sacred, this is the purpose behind my work and the non-intrusive products that weave themselves into the ordinariness of everyday life.  

How simple to be brought to mindfulness each time we wash our face or hands, shower or bathe, wrap up in a quilt or put on a scarf, use a paperweight or gazed upon a piece of contemplative artwork? Such are the touchstones I enjoy weaving into the lives of those who utilize my Reiki charged items. Having become a Reiki master/teacher some twenty years ago and and an artisan for much longer, the products I offer keep me mindful and balanced as I create them for the wellbeing of others.  Such is the reciprocal nature of Reiki itself.


In the tradition of 'chop wood, carry water' bring mindfulness to the ordinariness of everyday life

Reiki Products


Mindfulness Stones

Mindfulness stones- Stress and anxiousness constrict and cut us off from inspiration and  ease. A subtle reminder for mindfulness that rests on your desk at home or at work these beautiful hand felted or  knotted Reiki infused stones offer a gentle nudge to take a breath and return to center, opening us to the natural flow of energy.


Reiki Scarves

Reiki scarves - Accented with hand dyed or  eco-printed cloth, my Reiki infused scarves are one of a kind designs.  They are appropriate for both men or women and come in a variety of styles.  Each is made from natural fibers and are available at artisan markets and shows.

$60.00 each